I met you in a world where you worshiped hate, your preferred it, it came to you easier than love.
Your rage so strong, it burned your heart, your breath was tarnished with rage, you breath smoke of burnt anger.
You hated yourself so you judged me, so that i would hate myself, the cycle!
You were the pinnacle of destruction, where hope and the light was drowning in your emotional fragility.
Jealousy was triumphant were comparison ruled, its king was anger, its priests heartless, they killed their god, their mind lifeless, their heart cremated, their breath sooth, their truth present.
Its foundation lies in fear, its awareness false, its consciousness unborn, their worlds evil spells, their bodies ill.
These children of god unprotected, unguided, unwanted, will birth their minds, heart, body and consciousness. They will stop drowning and grow as trees, they’re light as bright as the sun, their earth protected, their words will heal, they will guide the unwanted and so it is a prayer answered.